About Addie Jane

I was welcomed into this world on June 14, 2010.Mommy always told me I was going to be loved by lots of people because our family was so big. . boy was she right! I have meet so many Aunts, Uncles, Cousins & Special friends since my arrival. My family is split between NC and MI, so Mommy helped me make this blog so everyone can watch me grow!!


I Love to ROCK IT OUT!

From Addie Jane September

From Addie Jane September

From Addie Jane September

I Love My Hat & Da-Da

From Addie Jane September

From Addie Jane September

From Addie Jane September

From Addie Jane September

From Addie Jane September

I Love Taters! Can't You Tell

From Addie Jane September

August 2011

From Addie Jane August

From Addie Jane August

From Addie Jane August

August 2011

Momma took me to the play set a few times but I am not a fan!

We just go for walks and look at the differnt animals. I like the birds- I always talk
back to them by saying "Caa-Caa"
I like to wave at everone we pace on the riverwalk. Momma says to enjoy it because winter will be here before we know it!
I learned " Imma Little Teapot" and how to spin in cirlces!
When the song says "tip" I fall over- everyone always laughs!

Just Me - August 2011

From Addie Jane August

We Brush Our Teeth. .

From Addie Jane August

I love to brush my teeth! I have 7 teeth in this picture.
Right after bathtime I sit in the sink and mommy helps me brush my teeth!
Sometimes she even lets me take the tooth brush into my bedroom while we get things ready for the next day. I will sit in my crib and brush away- or chew- it makes cutting my molars a little easy when I can gnaw on the tooth brush!

From Addie Jane August


Monroe County Fair August 2011

From Addie Jane July 2011

OH MY! Did you see those cows!! Miss Hannah took me around the 4H Barn to see the animals! I think that cow liked my hand! Must have been all those green beans and grapes I was eating earlier! Miss Hannah and her Mom Miss Reda bought me the cute dress I have on for my Birthday! It has some country flair to it, dontcha think!

We walked around and looked at all the rides and food! I had my first Fair Dog and Fries!

July 2011

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July Was a Busy Month!
I loved to Play out side in my
cozy coupe and with my water table!
We celebrated the 4th of July with my cousin's on my dad's side &
we swam in the pool! Later that night I went out to the Biniecki's Farm
and watched fireworks! It was a blast!
Memaw came up the end of July and we had so much fun!
She even went with us to the fair!

I love to walk every where.
The Itsy Bitsy Spider is my favorite song to sing and sign!


Happy 1st Birthday!

June 14, 2011
I am 23lb 6oz & 31 inches long!

I am walking everywhere.
I love to clap my hands and dance!
I love to eat too!!
I am signing more and understanding what it means for
"more","eat" & "please"
I like to tickle feet and say " ickle ickle"
Can you believe I am ONE???

I wonder what all will happen this next year!

Uncle Jerry's Farm for 1 Year Pics

JUNE 2011
I took my 1 Year pictures at Uncle Jerry's Farm!
I loved the Baby Calves.
They followed me everywhere!
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Beach Trip 2011

My First NC Beach Trip Highlights!

1. I loved to jump the waves- even if they hit me in the face!

2. I love to boogy on the dance floor! I left mom and ran out to the floor so I could get my groove on! Momma had to chase me around! I had a blast though!

3. I wanted to WALK everywhere! Toward the Ocean- On the Pier- All the way through Broadway at the Beach

4. If I wasn't walking- I jibber jabbered to everyone and anything!

5. I made freinds where ever I went!

6. Our Beach Neighbor would sing to us everyday! I loved to dance to that music too!

7. I learned to Sip from a straw- boy is this fun!

8. I like to get an 'attitude' with Uncle Adam

9. I say Coo-Caa for "cookie"

10. I can't wait to go back again!

Addie Janes NC Birthday Party!

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I celebrated my Birthday in NC on June 3rd!

I got to see all my family and friends.

I ate cookies- drank sundrop- and who knows whatelse!

I enjoyed reading all the cards!

Little did everyone know but I was very crabby all day long.

I had tooth number 5 trying to come in- but when the party started

I put on a smile and made it fun for all!

As you can see in one picture above at 9 o'clock- I was done!

No More Pictures Please!

Thank Y'all for coming by and seeing me and my family!

Momma and Dada says I am so blessed to be loved so much!

First Time Feeding Myself Taters!

Happy 11 Months!

May 14, 2011

I am starting to take more than 3 steps!

I love to jibber jabber.

Bath Time is still on my top 5!

I am doing very well with my signing-

"please" & "bite" are my new words

and I still do " more " all the time!

I am using a sippy cup very well not but still have a bottle

in the morning and at night!

Momma and Dadda say that I am a Mess. . . what do you think?

May 8th, 2011 - First Mother's Day


Happy 10 Months!

April 14th, 2010

20lbs 7 oz & 30 inches long!

I am a character. . well that's what momma says!

I am exploring everything.

Crawling super fast and pulling up on everything!

I am letting go and standing alone, but haven't made any steps yet.

We just got back from St. Petersburg, Florida and let me tell you. . .

I love the water!

I am eating "big people" food now.

I love anything and everything!

From fruit bars to mushroom, and everything in between.

I am also drinking from a sippy cup during the day and

only taking my bottle in the morning and at night.

Gotta go play with my picnik basket. . .


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Having Fun with my BFF Paige!

We had a fun night- and since we both love bath time-

Our mamma's let us play in the tub!

Aren't we just too cute!


Praise The Lord

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!Praise the Lord!

Psalm 150:6


My Day Care Bud Zane

This is my Buddy Zane. We go to Shelly's while Momma and Da-Da work.
He is about to turn one! I can't wait to for his party!!
We love to crawl around and steal each others socks!
I hear he likes hockey. . but that's what he's been told too!

My BFF Paige

This is Paige. . y'all met her a while back when she was born!
She is sitting up like me now! Look at her cute chubby legs!
I kept stealing her paci.
I don't take a paci, but I thought it was cool to chew on it!

We had so much fun! I can't wait till we can play outside together!

Sitting Pretty

Send in the Clowns

This is my new Friend Tippy!
He has a funny face. . so I made one back at him!
He made Momma, Da-Da, & Aunt Christina laugh really hard. . I still have no idea why.

Good Morning!

Night Night


You Caught Me!

Momma thinks the dryer eats my socks. . .


Happy 9 Months!

March 14, 2011

I am 9 months old!!
I am crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything.
I love to sit at the window or glass door and look outside.
There has been a lot of white stuff on the ground and it's too cold for me to go out and play!
I love to clap and wave at everyone. . . I make lots of friends this way.
Bath times are still my favorite.
Mommy tells me I move around so much she can't keep up with her blog and pictures!
I am a blur!!
I am going to bed all by myself and sleep 9-10 hours.
I can't wait for next month Mommy and Daddy tell me we are going to Florida and it is warm there where I can go outside on strolls and in the pool to swim!
Until next month. . . .


HAPPY 8 Months. . .& Valentines

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18lbs.14 oz.

I am crawling everywhere!
I love to play in my tent.
Momma and DaDa have to keep a close eye on me-
I pull up and move everywhere & I am into everything.
I love to clap while Momma sings-
"if your happy and know it"
I am getting my 2nd tooth.
(bottom right)
I like Apple Juice in my sippy cup!
My favorite days are when Daddy is off work.
We have so much fun and when momma gets home
we always play in the floor and do silly thing!
I also like to sit and play the piano.
I am going to take after my DaDa.

Happy Valentines Day! Be Mine??